Making Your Home More Presentable with an Oscillating Tool

Want your home to look more beautiful? Use an oscillating tool!

Below are the ways on how this multitool can help.

Cut pipes

Tubes too long? Cut them with an oscillating tool! This tool can cut almost anything from plastic to copper to old galvanized metal pipes. It’s so dependable, isn’t? Now you can finish more DIY and home improvement projects that use pipes as materials! You can be creative with tubes because splitting with an oscillating tool won’t be a problem as long as you’re using the right blade. Now, you can also cut annoying or old tubes inside cabinets, under the floor, in ceilings, or behind walls!

Say bye-bye to old paint

DEWALT-DCS355D1Old paint ruins the supposedly pleasant-looking design of your house. I bet no one deems old house paint attractive. To get rid of them, attach the steel scraper blade to the oscillating tool you got from Healthy Handyman. See the wonder of this tool as you remove the old paint! This task won’t be a difficult one because oscillating tools are efficient at making your house look more beautiful than ever. Just be sure to sand the metal or wood underneath the paint you just removed.

Sand wood

Speaking of sanding, an oscillating tool can also even out wood and wood fillers! How versatile, right? Just use the sanding attachment that came with the tool. Sanding your wooden furniture will also be a lot easier with this handy tool because it’s so easy to handle. It can even smoothen out narrow spaces so you can be sure that every tight corner isn’t hiding a nasty secret!

Install new flooring


The home design improvement with the oscillating tool doesn’t end there, folks. You can even install new flooring easily with this handyman tool as well! Just fasten the flush-cutting blade, and you’ll be able to cut through doorjambs. The job will be finished in no time! You’ll no longer have to worry about those corners! Coupled with a scrap of flooring as your guide, your oscillating tool can produce straight, clean cuts to make it a lot comfy for you to install new flooring. Thank heavens for this tool!

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