5 Apps to Help You Declutter and Organize

organizing closet

Decluttering and organizing can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of stuff to clean and sort. But it does not have to be as stressful as you would imagine it to be. You can keep your home, work, and life organized using real simple organizers and some of the best decluttering and organizing apps you can download for cheap or for free.

1. BrightNest
(Android, iOS)
BrightNest is an app that helps make home organization and maintenance easier. It provides ideas and tips on how to clean, organize, and maintain your house.

2. ChoreMonster
(Android, iOS)
This is a great app for households with kids as it makes chores more fun. Parents can create tasks with corresponding rewards for a certain number of points earned. Kids accumulate points as they complete the tasks.

3. Mint
(Android, iOS)
Mint is a money management app that helps simplify the process of dealing with your personal finances. From managing the budget to keeping track of bills and more, you can stay on top of the financial aspect of daily life.

4. OfferUp
(Android, iOS)
OfferUp makes buying and selling simpler. You can sell items you no longer need and want to let go. Take photos and upload them on the app along with information including pricing.

5. Snupps
(Android, iOS)
Using Snupps helps you keep track of your possessions to make it easier to organize if needed. You can then connect with others on the app and get feedback or home organizing tips and advice, product recommendations, and more.

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