Creating Relaxing Spaces at Home

home interior rendering

There is comfort in knowing that you can come home to a relaxing place regardless of how stressful your day gets. For this reason, keeping your home as relaxing as possible is a good investment. There are fairly simple ways to transform your home into a relaxing haven. You will find plenty of DIY decorating inspirations that you can use to create the ambiance you want.

1. Maximize natural lighting. Appropriate use of natural light can help transform your home into a relaxing haven. Use light and breezy curtains to allow sunlight to streak in at daytime. Open windows when the weather is great to let in some sunshine and fresh air. Adequate exposure to sunlight not only improves your mood. It can also regulate your sleep-wake cycle, which aids in maintaining a healthy sleeping habit.

2. Choose the right houseplants. Plants enhance the soothing look and feel in your interiors. It adds a feeling of freshness in your home. However, bringing in some plants is also a responsibility you have to be willing to take on. Consider the amount of time required in maintaining your houseplant, bonsai tree, or flower before you bring it inside. Taking care of you plant can also be a great form of relaxation.

3. Keep things organized. A daily home organization routine does not have to take too much of your time. Schedule at least 15 minutes of your time each day to declutter and organize your living space. Preventing clutter buildup on a daily basis is a good habit to cultivate if you want to make your home a relaxing haven.

4. Pick the right décor. What is relaxing to others may not work for you. Some people prefer the comforts of many ornaments and decorations while others find a minimalist approach more soothing. Whatever your preference may be, make sure to go easy or choose your décor carefully. Consider using minimal décor to make your living spaces appear more spacious, airy, and relaxing.

5. Use soothing colors. Design using naturally soothing colors and shades. Choose calming hues of blue or green as well as earth tones that remind you of nature. You can also use the same shades of colors in choosing rugs or throw pillows.

6. Create a relaxation spot. Find a spot or room in your home that you can transform into a private relaxation space. Consider it as your alone time spot or for anyone in your household who may wish to use it. This can be an excellent space for meditation, reading, or whatever activities you wish do during your personal time.

Making Your Home More Presentable with an Oscillating Tool

Want your home to look more beautiful? Use an oscillating tool!

Below are the ways on how this multitool can help.

Cut pipes

Tubes too long? Cut them with an oscillating tool! This tool can cut almost anything from plastic to copper to old galvanized metal pipes. It’s so dependable, isn’t? Now you can finish more DIY and home improvement projects that use pipes as materials! You can be creative with tubes because splitting with an oscillating tool won’t be a problem as long as you’re using the right blade. Now, you can also cut annoying or old tubes inside cabinets, under the floor, in ceilings, or behind walls!

Say bye-bye to old paint

DEWALT-DCS355D1Old paint ruins the supposedly pleasant-looking design of your house. I bet no one deems old house paint attractive. To get rid of them, attach the steel scraper blade to the oscillating tool you got from Healthy Handyman. See the wonder of this tool as you remove the old paint! This task won’t be a difficult one because oscillating tools are efficient at making your house look more beautiful than ever. Just be sure to sand the metal or wood underneath the paint you just removed.

Sand wood

Speaking of sanding, an oscillating tool can also even out wood and wood fillers! How versatile, right? Just use the sanding attachment that came with the tool. Sanding your wooden furniture will also be a lot easier with this handy tool because it’s so easy to handle. It can even smoothen out narrow spaces so you can be sure that every tight corner isn’t hiding a nasty secret!

Install new flooring


The home design improvement with the oscillating tool doesn’t end there, folks. You can even install new flooring easily with this handyman tool as well! Just fasten the flush-cutting blade, and you’ll be able to cut through doorjambs. The job will be finished in no time! You’ll no longer have to worry about those corners! Coupled with a scrap of flooring as your guide, your oscillating tool can produce straight, clean cuts to make it a lot comfy for you to install new flooring. Thank heavens for this tool!

Improve Your House with a Pool

Want to add something luxurious to your abode? Install a pool in the backyard! Here are the benefits of having a home pool:

You can swim anytime


The best thing about owning your own swimming pool is that it’s accessible anytime, whenever you want. It’s a huge advantage especially during summer when almost every family is out looking for an uncrowded pool. Having one in your own yard means entertainment is available for you anytime of the day, and you don’t have to worry about other families sharing the pool water with you. It’s also a wise investment that can add value to your home.

Swimming is an excellent physical workout


Regardless of whether you wish to be a professional swimmer or not, the act of swimming is itself a great exercise that can improve your overall health. It’s ideal for anyone regardless of age. With one in your home, you can work out without having to leave the house for the gym. Swimming laps can build up your endurance, enhance your flexibility, improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health, strengthen your muscular balance, and burn unwanted fats. Heck, even just maintaining a swimming pool can be a form of exercise! Cleaning your pool may sound like an ordinary task, but transporting cleaners, pumps, and other pool equipment can also strengthen your bones and muscles. Indeed, a swimming pool can help you healthier so you won’t have to deal with diseases.

Swimming is also a great mental exercise

Swimming is also considered a rewarding mental exercise since the water can help you relax the mind. If you own a pool at home, you can dip into the water anytime you feel depressed. And before you know it, the pool water has already removed all the anxieties away! Just so you know, aquatic therapy is loved by many because of the wonders that water can bring. Floating alone is a magical and comforting way of destressing. So, if you want to free yourself of stress, all you have to do is visit your backyard and receive the miracle you want.

It improves the value of your home

home-pool-mansionAs mentioned earlier, having your own pool can increase the value of your home. According to the National Association of Realtors, in-ground fiberglass and concrete pools can add 5% more value to houses. That means, if your home is worth $500,000, your pool can add about $25,000 more value to it.

Isn’t that favorable?

5 Apps to Help You Declutter and Organize

organizing closet

Decluttering and organizing can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of stuff to clean and sort. But it does not have to be as stressful as you would imagine it to be. You can keep your home, work, and life organized using real simple organizers and some of the best decluttering and organizing apps you can download for cheap or for free.

1. BrightNest
(Android, iOS)
BrightNest is an app that helps make home organization and maintenance easier. It provides ideas and tips on how to clean, organize, and maintain your house.

2. ChoreMonster
(Android, iOS)
This is a great app for households with kids as it makes chores more fun. Parents can create tasks with corresponding rewards for a certain number of points earned. Kids accumulate points as they complete the tasks.

3. Mint
(Android, iOS)
Mint is a money management app that helps simplify the process of dealing with your personal finances. From managing the budget to keeping track of bills and more, you can stay on top of the financial aspect of daily life.

4. OfferUp
(Android, iOS)
OfferUp makes buying and selling simpler. You can sell items you no longer need and want to let go. Take photos and upload them on the app along with information including pricing.

5. Snupps
(Android, iOS)
Using Snupps helps you keep track of your possessions to make it easier to organize if needed. You can then connect with others on the app and get feedback or home organizing tips and advice, product recommendations, and more.

The Importance Of Minimalism


When you hear someone talk about minimalism, what comes first into your mind?

Is it being in a lifestyle where you must save up on everything? Or is it keeping a low profile in every aspect of your life?

Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is not just about being in a lifestyle where you must save up on everything. Minimalism is also not just about keeping a low profile in every aspect of your life. It’s being in a lifestyle where you learn how to save up for certain things, as well as keeping a low profile on specific things – both of which, if not taken in serious consideration, will only make you spend more than usual.

Most of all, minimalism is about art – the kind of art that is simple, yet sophisticated enough to be considered a masterpiece.

The best part?

This goes especially for those who are looking to have their abode redesigned.


Minimalism makes you appreciate what’s in front of you even more.

That white coffee table you hated because of its plain structure? It can go sophisticatedly with a monochrome house theme. That grey dining chair you resented because of its pale shade? It can go elegantly with a duochrome house theme. You see, having your abode designed minimally will not only make you use things for better purposes, but also appreciate things you only took for granted.

BONUS: Minimalism makes your creative juice flow even more.

Aside from making you appreciate what’s in front of you even more, minimalism also makes your creative juice flow even more. Whether it’s a small redesign project for your kitchen or a big renovation project for your living room, you can still do everything as per your own needs and preferences.

You can even incorporate a fun design by yourself using only a bucket of paint, as well as employing a certain Becozi arm knitting style to spice things up with your furniture and other aspects of your home.

And yes, however you want it to be…